• ASA Business Hub

    The ASA Business Hub is the brain child of renowned sales Guru Segun Akande and his Partner, Investment Banker and Columnist Joseph Edgar, who have jointly been involved in the grooming and development of over two thousand sales people over the last two years.

    The Hub has been specifically designed to provide a semi-formal platform for knowledge sharing, training, and one on one coaching - all in a bid to imbibe not only the salient skills sets that will empower members to be result driven salesman and women, but also imbue them with the emotional intelligence needed in this harsh and unpredictable business terrain.

    Over a three month period, involving compulsory weekly introspective therapy-like sessions, members will be exposed to the very best in Practical Sales and Confidence Building Techniques, giving them the opportunity to interact and share experiences with over 100 other members, and thereby enabling them to build a responsive networking base. Members will also have one on one access to not only Segun and Edgar, but also members of a dynamic faculty of highly successful business leaders, drawn from various sectors of the economy.

    Membership is open to anyone that desires to build his or her capacity as an individual of Superior Performance.

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