• ASA Leadway Partnership

    Leading underwriter Leadway Assurance has joined hands with Academy, Africa Sales Academy (ASA) to recruit 1,500 young enterprising entrepreneurs over the next three years.

    Candidates must undergo a three stage audition process, including,
    1. Initial Interview to ascertain the Mindset of each candidate,
    2. An audition to assess each candidate’s Sales Prowess.

    Our Training Academy is a mentally challenging boot camp that’s designed to prepare delegates for the highly competitive and challenging business terrain. The boot camp also focuses on Capacity Building and Business Discipline, whilst entrenching entrepreneurial skills that will prove immensely useful in building self-sustaining and profitable businesses. Leaning heavily on an interactive module as preferred by internationally acclaimed business institutions, the Hub parades some of the most successful entrepreneurs as coaches and guides, whilst also leaning on the basic tenets of Creativity, Hard Work, Integrity and Focus, in achieving its fundamental goal of building the most prolific and dynamic Sales/Business force across Nigeria and Africa.

    If you’re looking to start your own business and have a passion for Sales and Building Business Relationships then the Leadway Independent Business Associates Scheme is likely to be a perfect fit for you.
    Simply click on the register icon and complete the registration form. Registration is completely free.


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