Segun Akande possesses extensive experience in diverse business fields including Financial Services, Recruitment, Hospitality, Business Research, Training, and Sales His desire and passion to Coach, Teach, and Develop people of all levels and backgrounds into relationship-focused and results-orientated individuals in their professional lives sets him apart. He is widely acknowledged as an expert on Sales, Communication Skills, Customer Services, and Relationship Building & Management. He heads the board and drives the growth and profitability of the SBA Group, the leading data provider for African capital markets. Based in Lagos, Nigeria the SBA Group has close partnerships with Reuters, Bloomberg, and The Financial Times Interactive Data, as well as clients including Goldman Sachs and Barclays Capital. He is also instrumental to the development of SBA’s Training arm, SBA Interactive. Segun brings to the fore a solid background in all aspects of Sales and Customer Service, as well as a genuine desire and passion to train and develop people of all levels and backgrounds into relationship-focused and result-orientated individuals in their professional and personal lives. He is widely acknowledged to be one of the most inspiring educators and Transformation Agents in the country today.

Gbubemi Atimomo is a certified Human Resources Management Professional (HRMP) with over a decade of experience in consulting, human resources, and most recently enterprise development. He holds an MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation programme from the University of Essex, UK and obtained his first degree from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He also holds a Certificate in Strategic Human Resources Practices from Cornell University, USA (eCornell) and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), USA. His career has spanned consulting, financial services, and not for profit and he has held strategic leadership positions, with the most recent being Group Head, Human Resources at BGL Plc. He has also been actively involved in the assessment of business concepts and plans for the Federal Government of Nigeria‘s YouWIN project (in partnership with the Enterprise Development Centre, Pan- Atlantic University, Lagos). Through the course of his career, Gbubemi has facilitated consulting interventions and diverse training programmes in the areas of leadership, management, personal development, business management, and human resources management for a wide range of clients. He pioneered “The Spirit of Enterprise” initiative aimed at providing avenues for aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs to network and acquire skills required to develop and establish their ideas/ businesses. He is actively involved in youth empowerment and career development volunteer initiatives.

JOSEPH EDGAR obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and also holds a Master of Science in Political Science and International Relations. He is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers, Nigeria and has attended several career enhancement courses including Senior Management Programme at Pan-African University, Lagos and Advanced course in Wealth Management at New York Institute of Finance. He has over 20 years of experience spread across the investment and wealth management industry Joseph commenced his career as an Investment Analyst/Dealer at UNEX Securities Ltd. He moved to HNB Trustees Ltd to become a Relationship Manager and later moved to NAL Asset Management and Trust Ltd where he worked as a Business Development Specialist for several years. He had a stint as a Funds Manager at Magnum Trust Bank Plc, from where he moved to other leading investment banks. He joined Investment One Financial Services Limited as Group Head Wealth Management Division. He moved to BGL Plc, one of the largest investment banking franchise in the world where he left in 2012 as Deputy Managind Director of BGL Securities. He currently works with Aquila Asset Management as the Managing Director/CEO.

TOSIN RUNSEWE Chief Client Officer Mansard Insurance
“Pressure to meet target helps you build your entrepreneurial skills and your knowledge base”
“No company would tell you to go prostitute yourself for targets. Bosses put pressure on men and women the same way”

“You will make NEW mistakes but it will be a shame if you keep making the same mistake”
“Leaders understand that there is a difference between managing people and leading people”
“Treat all your staff with respect and dignity, but don‘t treat them equally. Pick two that you know will grow with you and put extra effort into training them”
“Hire people not for their skills but for their attitude and capacity.“

TOLU OSINIBI - Executive Director, FCMB Capital Markets Limited.
“Build connection and rapport with your clients. You might not sell now but you might get referrals or sell to that same person later”
“Your Clients can buy from you and also sell for you (Referral). And once they start selling for you, you have not sold your company but you.”
“No matter how fantastic your product or presentation is, if you are different from your prospect, they will not buy into your product.”
“Don‘t leverage on your networks when you have no value to add. Be value-adding, it will resonate with your clients, if not now then later”

ALI BABA AKPOBOME - President, Ali Baba Hiccupuray 3rd.
“It is the value proposition that you have that makes any brand want to climb on the wing of what you have built”
“Think about the visibility, professionalism, strength, value proposition, followers, image of your proposed ambassador”

WALE AGBEYANGI- Managing Director, Cordros Capital Ltd.
“In financial services, trust is key. Once a client loses it, it cannot be regained easily. Keep Your Words and Build Trust. Be a Professional and a Confidant. TRUST + LOYALTHY = GROWTH”

WALE EDUN - Chairman, Chapel Hill Denham Group.
“Every time you try to use short cuts, you end up getting caught out”
“When looking at your entrepreneurial quest, look at something sustainable”
“Don‘t allow people spoil your time. Add knowledge to your database. It will take you up there someday”

BOLAJI BALOGUN - CEO, Chapel Hill Advisory Partners Ltd.
“When selling think about an effective distribution channel. Reach the retail market, that is where the money is”
“Understanding relationships in business. Never underestimate anyone when selling”
“Principle of good selling: Understand clients‘needs because your real money doesn‘t come from closing a sale but from the client using it”

WALE OYEDEJI - Executive Director, Guaranty Trust Bank.
“How do you handle non performing colleagues: there are those you celebrate, those you motivate and those you exit”
“Most of us are‚ all motion, no movement ‚. So to succeed, you have to strategize properly”
“To be a good sales person- 1. Persist 2. Be unique 3. Act NOW 4. Pray even before all else fails”
“You have to have a strategy that will help you in the market. Value adding is the most important strategy”

KAYODE AKINKUGBE - Chief Executive Officer FBN Capital Ltd.

BOLA ADESOLA - Managing Director Standard Chartered Bank.